Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gluten Free YUMMMM...

We are a gluten free family. We do not eat anything with wheat products or gluten in it. This is possibly the hardest thing to do while growing up in a meat, bread, and potatoes generation. This all started when The Wife kept getting sick after eating. After a massive amount of research she cut out gluten for a couple of weeks and she started to feel great. I did what any man would do at that point. I will cut gluten out of my diet as well, because who am I to eat all of this great stuff in front of her and The Brookie while they can not have it. I didn't think I had a reaction to gluten, but when I cut it out of my diet I started feeling different. I used to be tired all of the time and I had a lot of joint pain that I blamed on the military years.
One of the biggest things that I missed the most was a big, super awesome burger. It's an American staple for the summertime. Light the grill and put meat on it. It almost seems too easy, but what about the bun? I have found my new best friend. It's a restaurant called "Red Robin"! We were having trouble finding a good place to eat out that had gluten free options, so on a random thought I called the Red Robin Burgers in Springfield, MO. They have gluten free options! As I looked at The Wife like a kid on Christmas morning.
We have gone there a few times and the staff is amazing! They have a full knowledge of allergies and are very helpful. Everyone at the Springfield, MO location are the best crew I have seen at a restaurant that are all on the same page. From start to finish I am happy to say that I have made this my go-to place every time we go into the city. The gluten free buns that are used in Springfield are Rich's brand, but I don't know if that varies by location. I have bought I lot of gluten free buns, but Rich's are the best yet. For those of you that have the question about the seasonings or equipment, the kitchen staff will not season anything if the seasoning has gluten in it and there is separate equipment or it is cleaned thoroughly before anything is prepared for an allergy. None of us have been cross contaminated in the many trips that we have made to what I would have to say is one of the best places to eat in Springfield, MO. Red Robin has a lifetime customer.
This is the first in a series that I will come back to about gluten free restaurants in Springfield and most of these places are nation wide, so give them a chance. There ARE options at most chain restaurants for gluten free eating.

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