Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Suck at Video Games

I used to be awesome at all video games. I would go to the local mom and pop shop and spend countless quarters in arcade games while waiting on food. High scores all around and the happy dance ensued. I still do the happy dance, but only when something awesome happens and I am not as limber as I used to be. 15 years later and here I am. 34 years old and still playing video games. I will throw down on some Halo and realize something. I had 5 kills and 45 deaths. That's odd, I don't remember dying that much and I know I killed more people than that. There must be a glitch. I can here The Wife's eyes rolling from here and I didn't say anything to her.
GameStop had some great deals on Black Friday, so we did what any other great set of parents would do. We got The Brookie (2) out of bed at midnight, grabbed the baby carrier, and took off to GameStop. We got Just Dance 2014 for $15 bucks! I have played Just Dance at family functions for years. This will be great.
The first few songs there was some tight competition going on in the house. The Wife and I were always close and split many songs. The smack talk started and there may or may not have been some pushing and shoving.
Enter the Dragon. The Brookie wanted to play, so we set her up so the game system would see here movements. The next song came on and my heart sank. The Brookie was moving around and all I saw was "Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!" I guess her size and movements matched perfectly. I guess it's another glitch. I now have to work hard to stay up with a 2 year old's score. She tells on me when I push her over to get ahead, so that is out of the question. The Wife frowns on that and tells me something about cheating to beat a toddler.
Video games have come a long way over the years and I love to play old and new games. The only thing is that I have lost my mojo. I can not play like I used to, or maybe I was never good at them in the first place. I choose I'm awesome and the games suck these days.

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