Friday, February 14, 2014

I Hate Water in the Floor

We all have them, right? Those things that make us want to scream in frustration, because they are just so... ANNOYING!!

Here are some of my pet peeves...tell me I'm not alone.

- Water in the bathroom floor. I would rather walk across broken glass than on water in the floor...maybe not literally, but just about. I have to admit that little footprints can be cute when they are made by a two year old. But adult "puddles" are NOT allowed. It drives me nuts.

I know, I'm horrible, but those little old ladies that stand in the line at a store and watch every. single. item. being scanned to make sure the price is correct. THEN they start digging in the duffel bag they call their purse for their checkbook. THEN they search for 5 minutes looking for a pen, and refusing to use the cashier's pen because "I know it's in here somewhere!" THEN they write the check, and insist on writing out every little piece of it, because they don't trust that electronic machine that prints information on the checks. They really get under my skin. Get your act together ladies...You're making a 3 minute process last a decade. 

- Smacking while chewing... I want to punch you in the face when I see that. Come on, are you a caveman?? Close your mouth and stop growling... It's not that good. And if it is, eat it in private.

Your turn. What makes you want to pull your hair out?

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